Monday, May 11, 2015

Fruit Bowl from the Isola di Ortigia

I can't believe it's been over a month since I posted to the blog.  April was crazy and exciting.  My husband, my Uncle Tony and I rented a car and traveled around the island of Sicily.  We had so much fun, despite the fright of driving a car in Italy!  I had briefly visited Sicily, but had never spent time getting to know the island.  The views of the Mediterranean from everywhere were breath taking, the Greek ruins rivaled Athens and the food was always delicious (I LOVE Cannoli fresh from the bakeries).  
We stayed at a wonderful hotel in Syracuse , Henry House, on the Island of Ortigia.  Every morning the breakfast was a vast array of items to select from.  And every morning a delightful bowl of fruit was on the table.  Lemons and oranges were in season, so they were always included with the bananas and pears. 

Fruit Bowl from the Isola di Ortigia
Oil on canvas board
9 x 12 inches
Purchase through the Daily Paintworks Gallery

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