Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tres Peppers

Wow, life is getting busy!  This Friday, April 3, Las Cruces has its monthly art ramble.  Our gallery, in coordination with The Big Picture, is having paintings of roosters and chickens.  Since I love painting them, I have 14 to display.  That meant I have to varnish, frame, name and get ready to display all 14.  I have also tried to paint everyday.  Even though I did, I haven't liked anything I've painted in two weeks.  So frustrating!  On top of all this, on Wednesday my husband and I are going to Sicily for two weeks with my uncle Tony.  We just picked up our Global Entry Card on Sunday so hope it saves some time in lines.  Because this isn't a tour, but a drive around the island on our own, the logistics of hotels and  rental cars has been time-consuming.
This painting is one I have painted in the fall when I was in my black canvas phase.  While I loved painting it, I don't think this the style I am after.
Tres Peppers
9 x 12"
Oil on canvas
purchase through Daily Paint Works

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