Monday, February 23, 2015

Golden Fruit

What a week of procrastination!
I have a studio of unfinished paintings, put aside for something more interesting.  So, I have decided not to start anything  new until I finish the pile of nearly done paintings.  I always work on several paintings at a time.  When I hit a problem, I stop, put the painting aside and let it "marinate".  I walk by it, make notes on what I like and don't like and then put it back on the easel.  I usually can finish it in one session.  But not lately.  This is going to change as I now tackle my pile. As a result, I'm posting an older painting.  This was one that never worked.  It was a much larger painting where I cut it down to what I liked,  three pears.  Hope I soon get out of this slump!

Golden Fruit
9 x 12"
Oil on Canvas Board
Go to DPW to purchase

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