Friday, January 9, 2015

Chick Labor

Unlike their human counterparts, hens lay the egg and then the chicks need to find their way  into the world alone.  It must be exhausting!  At first I painted the eggs white, but there wasn't enough contrast.  I made them green in honor of my Easter Egger Bantam (Ameraucanas), Bunny.  She lays the most beautiful pale green eggs.
I only used a palette knife on the background.  My painting friend and member of the Artist Guild of Southern New Mexico, Margaret Heath, gave me a brush that is fabulous for feathers.  The ends are uneven so give the fine lines for feathers.  Thanks Margaret!

Chick Labor
8 x 6 inches
Oil on Canvas
$40 Auction


  1. This is so sweet, Love your composition and color choices. Perfect for an Easter painting.